About Our School

The Ridge Street Country School is a 60 year old family business. We have earned a wonderful reputation throughout Westchester County. Thousands of children have joined our Ridge Street family for both school and camp over the years. We strive to become your child’s “home away from home.” By developing a relationship and earning your child’s trust, we will provide a rich, stimulating and safe environment in which your child can grow.

Our program is multifaceted, fun and varied. We will give each child a successful group experience, which will strengthen their own positive attitudes about themselves. Everything that we do here at The Ridge Street Country School is hands-on and interactive. We learn by singing, creating, cooking and exploring. While building a strong foundation for each child, we will encourage a lifetime love of learning.

Our charming, red brick school has a spacious playground for the children to enjoy and explore. Additionally, our school keeps its equipment up-to-date to remain current in our world.

Please contact us if you would like more information or to schedule a visit.

Our 2s

Sending your very special toddler off to school for the first time is a big step! First days are often harder for parents than for children! Second days can be harder for children. Relax! We promise to take very good care of your child.

Our toddlers can register for two, three or five days a week. There are 10 children and two teachers in each of our toddler classes. We are a happy bunch, having lots of new experiences and making friends!

Our Toddler day at Ridge Street includes lots of music, art, dramatic play, cooking, story time, playdough and so much more!

Toddlers use lots of different manipulative equipment – puzzles, Legos, magnets, building toys to name a few. Everyone loves playing outdoors. We spend lots of time climbing, swinging on the swings and running around our large and beautiful playground or bike area.

Our incoming toddlers have “Visiting Days” at the end of August. During this time, we welcome your family to come and explore our classrooms and play on our playground. You can come as often as you like since it’s a great opportunity to become acquainted with our school. We also have an evening meeting for Toddler parents where we will answer all of your questions and where you will have the opportunity to meet each other and our staff. Additionally, you and your child will have a chance to come in together for “Meet the Teachers Day.”

Our Toddlers join us from 9:15-11:30. However, if you have an older child in our school, we will shift the times to accommodate both children arriving and going home together.

Our 3s And 4s

Beginning preschool is an exciting experience for young children! Most children adjust easily to school once they feel comfortable and relaxed in their new surroundings. For this reason, we open school for “Visiting Days” at the end of August or early September. During this time, we welcome your family to come and explore our classrooms and play on our playground. You can come as often as you like during these days since it is a great opportunity to become acquainted with our school.  You and your child are invited to meet their teachers the day before school opens.

Everything we do here at The Ridge Street Country School is hands-on and interactive. We learn by singing, creating, cooking and exploring. In addition to learning about seasonal topics like Fall, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Earth Day and Spring, we transform our rooms into Tropical Rainforests, Outer Space and even the Land of the Dinosaurs.

You will receive weekly newsletters complete with photos to keep you up to date on all of our activities!

Music is also a wonderful part of our program. In addition to singing, playing rhythm instruments and dancing with their teachers, children meet weekly with our Music Specialist. We have a fabulous repertoire.

Throughout the year we enrich our regular program with additional outside special activities such as Mad Science, Movement and Nature programs.

During the year, we have various activities that welcome parent participation. Parents often join us to read a story or lead a special project. Our Class Moms will coordinate many special days and activities where you will be welcome to join us and see your child in action! We host an Open House for each class in the Fall and smile with you for a Class Play each Spring.

Stepping Up to Our 4s

Since our 4s are ready to do more sophisticated activities, we add more challenging equipment and games. As their small motor skills become more developed, we’ll do more advanced writing and cutting activities.

As STEM becomes more important in our public schools, we continue our Pre-K version of this.


gives us the opportunity to explore topics like:

  • Animals, Bugs, Butterflies
  • Gardening
  • Magnets
  • Stethoscopes
  • Our Body
  • Volcanoes
  • Seasons
  • Hibernation
  • Diurnal/Nocturnal Animals to name a few!


is explored with our Mac computers, CD Stories/Headphones, Simple Machines, Gears, Wheels and Pulleys.


Building with blocks and other materials teach us many skills! We also learn about Balance, Gravity, Shapes and Problem Solving!


Math skills are a part of our everyday life. We:

  • Measure and cook
  • Count and play Number Bingo
  • Practice sequencing and patterning
  • Size order
  • Greater than/Less than
  • Graphing
  • Dice
  • Cuisenaire Rods and so much more!

In addition, our 4s share a unit on the Alphabet and beginning sounds throughout the year. We also do a very special “International” month! Our school leaves your child fully ready to move on to kindergarten.

More program components

  • Indoor and Outdoor Free Play
  • Clubs
  • Seasonal Whole-School Get-Togethers
  • State of the Art Equipment

Something Special

To help us enjoy a sense of “community,” we offer some special activities.  We have hosted some evening or weekend activities such as a Paint Night, Magic Show & Pizza night, Cocktail Party and Back to School Bagels.


Our Director, Barbara Schori, has a Master’s Degree from Manhattanville College in Early Childhood Education. Her parents started this school in 1957. She taught both 3 and 4 year old classes, and was the Assistant Director here before becoming Director more than 25 years ago.

Elisse Acocella, Assistant Director has a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Bridgeport. She has shared her talents with us since 1998. Elisse has also taught our 2 year old and 3 year old classes. Before joining our staff, Elisse had many years of preschool experience.

Nancy Lumish, CPA, runs our office with skill, grace and humor! She is the familiar voice who answers many phone calls, replies to your emails and puts beautiful touches on our newsletters in addition to all of her other responsibilities.

We are proud of the quality of our staff. Our teachers are caring, nurturing, capable professionals who love what they do. Each classroom is supervised by two staff members. All of our Head Teachers are New York State Certified with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education. Some of our Assistant Teachers are also certified, or working towards certification. All teachers participate in weekly staff meetings, where in-service education is provided. They also participate in programs sponsored by the Westchester Association for the Education of Young Children.

Music is a wonderful part of our program. In addition to singing and dancing with their teachers, children meet once or twice weekly with our Music Specialist. We sing seasonal songs, use rhythm instruments and have a fabulous repertoire of everything from Thanksgiving songs to Dr. Martin Luther King to Groundhog Day and so much more.

Parent Information

Arrivals and Dismissals

Arrivals: Our school session begins at 8:50 for our 3 and 4 year olds. It begins at 9:15 for our 2s. If your child arrives early, he/she will remain in our hallway until it is time to enter their room.

Dismissals: The morning session dismisses between 11:40-12:05 for our 3 and 4 year olds. Dismissal time is different for our 2 year old Toddler Program, as we like our toddlers to leave first, giving them the extra time they sometimes need. The 2 year old classes dismiss at 11:30. If you have children of different ages, we will plan a good time for you to pick up or drop off both of them. We ask that you be prompt in picking up your child.

Authorized Pickups

It is extremely important for us to know who is authorized to pick up your child. Therefore, we need to know if someone different is picking up your child, whether it be a grandparent, friend or new babysitter. A note or phone call well before dismissal is required before we will be able to release your child to this person. This procedure also applies to playdates when a child is going home with another child’s parent or babysitter. There will be no exceptions made to this rule.


We can help you to arrange a carpool for your child. Please call us, we’ll be happy to help!


We will always call you if we close school. Parents will be called between 7:15 and 7:45 AM.

You can also tune to Channel 12 to find weather-related closings and delays.

For those of you who have contracted for transportation, there may be situations where we will be open, but drivers will not be providing transportation due to hazardous road conditions. If that is the case, parents will be called.

If school is open and conditions become dangerous during the session, we may find it necessary to close school and send your children home early. Therefore, if you are not at home, make sure you contact us early so that we and your children will not be snowbound. If you are home, please do not call us. We need our phone lines kept open. We will call you.

In case of a dire emergency which would require us to close or evacuate our school premises, we will activate our automated phone system and parents will be called and given instructions regarding our closure or where and when to pick up your child.


School provides a mid-morning snack each day. We serve fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, pretzels, crackers etc. Our drink of choice is water, which is filtered of course! Sometimes teachers bake with their classes (muffins, waffles, pizza, etc.) and they enjoy what they make for snack. We ask parents to help us by providing a healthy snack for their child’s class for one week during the year.

We understand that there may be special dietary needs or allergies, in which case a parent will be required to supply their child’s snack each day. Parents need to send in a container of special snacks for their child to choose from. We are a nut-free facility.


We trust that you, as parents, will keep us fully informed of your child’s medical conditions, allergies and any concerns that you have in order to position us to properly safeguard your child. An Allergy List is posted in each classroom for the safety of your child.


We are not permitted by law to administer any medication to your child, except Epinephrine and Benadryl in a dire emergency. We require specific written instructions from your doctor to administer these medications.


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Preschool Tuition 2019-20

    • 3s and 4s (5 days a week)…….…$9,000 (Partial week may be available)
    • 2s (3 days a week)…………………..….$7,000
    • 2s (2 days a week)………………..……$6,000

A monthly payment plan can be arranged upon request. A non-refundable deposit of $800, a completed registration form and contract will be required to reserve a place for your child.